What is "Information Assurance"?
by Dr. William Perry, Information Security Consultant

Cybercriminals are professional stalkers.

They actively scan the Internet hunting for vulnerable systems to attack.

Losses due to cyber crime now (2018) more than one trillion dollars and are increasing. 

We must learn to work with our computers in a very dangerous threat environment so we can remain competitive.

Everyone instinctively know that information systems must be protected from multiple threats.  But where do you begin?

You have to start with an information assurance plan.  It means fighting back with a formal plan.

Doing so could prevent you from being a victim of a successful cybercrime and from losing your confidential information, customers and possibly your business.

A dedicated information assurance plan, designed to protect your confidential information from unauthorized disclosure, treats computer security as a business process.

Give yourself a fighting chance with a plan to assure your sensitive information. Why run the risk of doing anything less? 

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* One state, Florida, requires that you secure your information (e.g. Florida’s Privacy Act, FS 501.171). Fines may even be levied for a failure to comply.