About Paladin & Its Founder

Paladin Information Assurance, LLC was founded in 2016 by Dr. William Perry.  The company focuses on helping organizations identify and eliminate cyber security risk.

Dr. Perry holds the rank of Professor Emeritus in a College of Business in the University of North Carolina system. Perry taught business information security, virtual computer networking and systems analysis and design for more than two decades. Perry was privileged to serve as an Associate Research Fellow for the Joint Special Operations University and is an academic adviser for the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Perry conducted pioneering research, as a Proteus Fellow, that assessed risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing the nation’s critical national infrastructure. His work for the office of the Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. Army War College focused on detecting over-the-horizon threats.  He has also conducted significant cyber risk assessments.  

Perry has written more than fifty (50) articles related to the threats and vulnerabilities associated with securing cyberspace. Dr. Perry, also, had counterintelligence field experience.  Perry participated in the development of the nation’s Cyber Security Framework at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and was named to the Department of Homeland Security’s RC3 Council.  He is a proud member of the FBI’s Infragard, a public/private consortium for protecting the country’s critical national infrastructure. 

Dr. Perry's recent publications include, How to Secure Your Computer, Florida’s Privacy Act, and How to Secure Your Smartphone and Mobile Devices.  Perry is also the author of the fiction novel, Cold War Cyber Spy. 

Perry has presented at numerous conferences on the topic of cyber security, digital asset protection, risk assessment and information warfare.  Dr. Perry has also coordinated various conferences and workshops on cyber security involving the FBI and CIA.  Perry also developed protocols for exploiting digital intelligence discovered during combat operations in the post 911 era.

Dr. Perry now lives in Lake City, Florida with his wife, Karen.